Needlepoint Framing

Needlepoint FramingNeedlepoint Framing

Needlepoint framing requires a higher level of expertise.  There are several additional steps needed to properly stretch the work before framing. We are experienced in the handling and framing of a wide variety of needlework and textiles. These items include counted cross stitch, needlepoint, crewel, embroidery, tapestry, quilting, and doilies.  We have clients from all over Southeast PA come to us because they know we are experienced in working with all types of needlework.  We use a variety of approaches to mounting and backing depending on the nature of the work and the finished look we would like to achieve.  Needlepoint framing requires all archival materials to best protect and preserve the work.  Properly mounting the work onto a backing board will help to flatten and square the work for the best framing presentation.  Needlepoint batting may be added to create a more dimensional look or to accommodate thread work on the back.  Although glass is optional, we recommend using  conservation grade  U.V. protective glass or plexi.  This will maximize the protection of your work.  Optimally, the glass should not be in direct contact with the textile. This can be achieved through the use of matting, liners or spacers depending upon the desired frame design.  The options for needlepoint framing designs are almost limitless depending upon the style and sizing desired for your work.   Our designers will work with you to create a design that will be appropriate for your work and your personal taste.  The right design will enhance your piece and reflect your personal style and decor.  There are hundreds of framing styles available to create the perfect look for your work.  – Picture Framing
In Historic Chester County, Pennsylvania