Watercolor Framing

Watercolor FramingWatercolor Framing

The primary concern when watercolor framing, as with any original work, is to protect and preserve the art.  This means selecting Conservation matting and backing materials and using U.V. protective glass or plexi.  Styles do vary widely but watercolors tend to have a lighter look and feel about them.  In this case it helps to select matting and framing that maintain that lighter feel and work well with the more subtle nature of the work.  Selecting a wider dark frame or very dark mats will often overpower the softness of a watercolor and draw undue attention to the framing.  The objective is to draw the eye inward.  This helps to Keep the focus on the art work.  When matting, do not skimp.  Wider mats can add importance and create some ‘breathing room’ to your work especially when using wider frames.  Neutral colors work very well and will provide a timeless look that will work with any decor.  When adding color choose carefully.  Look for hues that draw out the subtle details in the work and try to avoid colors that are darker or brighter than those in the art.  The right tones can really enhance the work and bring it all together allowing the work to pop.  Our professionally trained designers can help you create the design that is just right for you and your art.  We have been providing professional framing for artists in Chester County for over 20 years.

We will be happy to show you some great options and provide a free design quote for your next watercolor framing project.

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